And . . . . . Restart . . . again!

And . . . . . Restart . . . again!

Well, while I’m now in the middle of the much needed long August bank holiday weekend, the lead up to the weekend has been a very frustrating if educational few days that has seen me trying out different blogging platforms before finally, (hopefully) settling on this site.

If you’d like to take a look at my earlier now abandoned attempts you can find them at :

For any of you not familiar with the free versions of WordPress and Blogger, they’re both great products, but they each have their own limitations which were beginning to drive me up the wall even after just a couple of days of trialling them.

I’m not going to go into the details here, as the wounds from trying to get them to do what I wanted are still a bit too fresh, that and the fact that unless you’re also thinking of writing your own blogs, it would probably also be a bit dull.

So, here I am on simple, and now I can really get to work in pulling the information together that I think anyone reading my books might be interested in.

That’s going to start with a mailing list signup so I can more easily update folks on what i’m up to, as well as launching the odd offer on my books, and hopefully canvassing a few opinions from my readers on some of the stuff i’m trying to figure out.

In parallel to getting the mailing list sorted, i’ll be adding a few more pages to the site, including my author bio, contact details, press pack, recommended reading, and of course some links and recommendations to sites i’ve either found inspiring, helpful or useful.

All for now, will do another update in a few days.