The little things

The little things

Its often said that its the small things in life that can give you the most pleasure, well recently i’ve decided to try and write 1000 words a day on my various writing projects. Not necessarily every day, but during the course of the week that’s what I aim to average.

Now when i’m at home and in my normal routine, this isn’t too hard, i’ve been trying it over the past couple of weeks and as a consequence have made some great progress on my Glass Darkly storyline. The weakness for me lies when i’m not at home, and therefore when i’m out of my normal routine.

This is a problem for several reasons, but one of the big ones is the technology. Most of the time when I travel, I don’t like to take my laptop with me because its now quite old and quite bulky, so travelling with it is both a pain in neck and a bit of risk, i.e. if it were to get broken just now when i’m on the verge of publishing my first novel, it would be an additional cost I could do without, and more importantly it would be a huge pain in the neck I could definitely do without.

All my writing is backed up to the cloud or to other devices, but my laptop is my main writing device, so i’d have to sort something else out if I wanted to continue writing with any efficiency.

So, what to do? Well in addition to my laptop i also have a couple of Kindle Fire tablets, which are both lightweight, fairly robust and more than good enough for all those holiday type things like checking email, browsing the web, viewing photo’s, listening to music or just watching a bit of film or TV.

I’ve also in past used my Kindle for writing a few notes, or making the odd blog entry on my author site.

So ahead of my next trip away from home, over to the Whitby Goth Weekend next week, i’ve been wondering whether I could get a little keyboard for my Kindle Fire, that would allow me to type a bit more easily, and hence to keep working on my 1000 words a day target.

Now I work with technology as part of my day job, so I’m well aware of the fact that it should be simple, but is often not.

That said, on this occasion it’s all worked as it should, i’ve ordered and now received a compact bluetooth keyboard, which has been a breeze to switch on and pair with my tablet, so much so that within 5 minutes of the parcel arriving I started writing this post, and blimey it just works.

How easy will it be to use this for story writing and adding to the copies of my stuff i’ve got stored on the cloud, that will be the next test, but i’m optimistic. At least now, if all else fails I can just keep writing away in notepad as I am right now.