The Ashes of Time

The Ashes of Time

Last night I finished writing the second book in my Flames of Time series, a book entitled the Ashes to Time, and while I still have the editing and the commissioning of the cover art to do, I’m quietly confident I can have this book ready for publication in mid to late October, well before the Christmas rush.
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Whether Christmas is the right time to be releasing a book chock full of vintage style mystery, secret organisations, conspiracies and travel to exotic places I don’t know, but I released the first book in the series two weeks before Christmas last year in what turned out to be a bit of mad dash for the line, so if nothing else I’m hoping to be a bit ahead of the curve time wise.

But as fantastic as it is to have finished writing another novel, for me its how this novel was written that’s just as important and just as exciting.

How so?
Well here are few background details –
I started writing my first novel The Flames of Time in 2006, and finished it almost three years later in 2009. I then spent a year editing it, writing the synopsis and back page blurb, before I started shopping it around agents and publishers. Then I bought a house. My first house, which I still live, but which needed quite a bit work doing on it.
Needless to say, all work on my novel stopped and didn’t start again until 2014 when I next came up for air after several years of working for money during the day and spending my time and money on the house in the evenings and weekends.
Another year of editing and figuring out the indie publishing business and I finally saw my first novel in print and ebook form in December of 2015 – nearly ten years since I outlined the plot and started writing it.

Since then I started writing my second novel, the first book in a new series called Through Glass Darkly in October 2015, finished writing it in January, just 100 days later. I then edited and proofed it and published it as a three part episodic mini series in June, August and October 2016 (pre-order).
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Then comes the second book in my Flames of Time series, which I start in mid-April 2016 and finished last night, a bit less than four months, or say 120 days later.
Now, I’ll admit I was bit worried about sitting down to write the second book in a story which I plotted ten years ago (I plotted all three novels in 2006), I wasn’t sure whether I’d remember the characters well enough, whether I’d be able to write the second book with a consistent style and feel, and as I was committed to writing it quickly, a thousand words a day, whether I would be able to simply craft the book as well.

Now obviously the final judgement will be with my readers, but to me it’s been a fascinating piece of work, because none of this seemed hard or difficult or clumsy. The characters returned to my mind like old friends who you may not have seen for a while, but with whom you’ve got so much history you can’t help but pick up where you left off.

All this on top of working full time in my 9-5, still having house and garden projects galore, still enjoying an active social life, and now also having editing to complete and artwork to commission, book plots and settings to create, blog posts to write, and promo campaigns to arrange.

Granted, several things have diminished to create the time, my TV viewing is definitely down, as unfortunately is my visiting of friends, and the amount of time I spend reading other peoples books, but perhaps in time I’ll find a way to fit some of those things back in.