So close I can almost taste it . . .

So close I can almost taste it . . .

Oh, but I’m so close to finishing my second novel I can almost taste it.

While I’m going to publish this next novel ‘Through Glass Darkly’ in three 30,000 word episodes I decided before I even started that the entire thing would have to be drafted before I’d allow the first episode to be released, this was as much for my own sanity as anything else as I really hate to break off from writing when I get into the flow of it, but there’s also a significant part of me that’s just a bit impatient and wants to see and feel that proof copy hot off the presses.

And as if finishing off the first writing weren’t exciting enough, I’ve also recently received the first concept sketch from the artist the very talented Mina Morcos  who created the design for my first book.

It’s only a rough concept drawing ‘Mina’s words not mine’ but I love it already, and can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

Concept sketch Jan 2016

In the meantime, I’m 89,000 words toward my 90,000 word target, and just writing the final action scene, which I’m really, really trying not to get carried away with, but no guarantees as I am rather enjoying how its going so far.

Anyway, fingers crossed the artwork should be ready in the next week or so, which should coincide with me finishing my review and edit of the first episode, after which if all goes to plan I’ll be ordering the review copies for my beta readers and editors before I disappear to go snowboarding at the end of the month.

Now as two of my beta readers will also be stuck in the same chalet as me in the French Alps there was a slightly cruel part of me that was hoping to have the proof copies ready for the flight out, so I could then lean on them to read and edit it while we’re away, but as I think about it now that might be a fraction harsh.

Either way, i’m still hoping to get the feedback from my beta readers in Feb, and provided there are no major problems, make the final edits and the send Episode One off to be published in late Feb early March.

It all sounds so simple, just typing away here, but ‘there’s many a slip’ as the old saying goes, so first steps first. Back to the action for me!