About Me

About Me

Novelist, cook, rock climber, snowboarder, gardener, walker, talker (of nonsense), reader, antiquarian, procrastinator, in-expert punter, artist-ish, real ale drinker, real coffee drinker, enthusiast, cynic, optimist, fool.

Yup that pretty much covers the basics.

What I’m not though is perhaps as trusting as I could be, as such my name is a nom de plume, based upon a deliberate misspelling of an old family name. This is mostly to help keep my colleagues at work (in my humble office job) blissfully ignorant of my misspent evenings slaving away over a hot manuscript.
Not because I don’t trust any of them!
Just because I don’t trust the odd individual.

Needless to say, I write part-time at the moment, but never get quite as much time to write as I’d like.

I do live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, which has been my home for more than 20 years, though I’m originally from North Staffordshire, and have before settling in Leeds also lived in Birmingham and Middlesbrough for several years.

As a friend of mine once described me, I am a bachelor of the parish with no pets or other discernible commitments or responsibilities!

I find most aspects of modern popular culture, team sports, hairdressing, fashion, karaoke, and talent contests to be completely perplexing and nonsensical.

I could start rambling on about the books I like to read, but it’s probably best if I add a separate page for that, as once I get started it would probably take an army of wild horses with trip wires and tasty snacks to stop me.

I’ll happily add a bit more to this section, as I figure out what kind of things folks are interested in knowing.