My Writing

My Writing


For a bit more info about individual or series that I’ve written, please check out the Additional Information section on each book page.

This page is intended to give you a more general view of my work and the values or principles that you’ll find are common to all my stories.

All my writing at present is best described as being within the following Thriller sub-genres: – Mystery, Action & Adventure – Vintage Science Fiction – Gentle psychological horror.

I have plotted or am planning a couple of other stories that would be classed as a more conventional science fiction series, and an epic myth/low fantasy series, but it will be several months before I start work on either of those, and I’m still not sure which will come first.

Rather than talk about the individual genre’s though, I prefer to focus on my own specific approach or style, which I hope will infuse all these stories, irrespective of genre.

Novelty over tropes

I know and understand that a lot of readers want to read specific genre’s of fiction because they like stories of a particular type, and not only that, but they also feel strongly that the stories should have particular elements or tropes, cliches or motifs.

This is more common in some types of literature or genre’s than others, and when done well can be the difference between a story that leaves the reader feeling satisfied and a story that doesn’t.

The difficulty with tropes though, is that for other readers, they lead to stories becoming predictable.

This is nowhere more evident than in the film industry, which has relied on an overly formulaic version of story telling based on the ‘the heroes journey‘ for years.

The good-guy/gal will always win in the end, but they’ve got to go through some kind of transformative setup first.

This is where stories can so easily go bad, as far as I’m concerned. Not always, but more frequently than not.

So, in my own writing, I try to focus more on plot and setting and character and tone and pace.

Less is More when it comes some things

Not more sex and violence – where’s the story? – add more on this later.

Not being a know it all

The perils of being omniscient – add more to this later as well.