This is likely to be a fairly eclectic mix of stuff that’s going to take a while to build, so do please bear with me. I’ll be writing my personal review for each, not just re-hashing the usual content.
The broad categories I’m thinking of at the moment are:

  • Fiction – those books I love and that have inspired me as an individual or as an author. I’m probably going to create sub pages for the different genre’s I enjoy, as otherwise things could easily get out of hand.
  • Non-Fiction – Authoring, only a small number of titles, but they’ve helped me become a better writer.
  • Non-Fiction – Reference, those treasures I really wouldn’t want to be without.
  • Fiction – Classics – Its going to be hard figuring out whether to put some books in this section or the general fiction section, so please forgive me if I list a few things twice.
  • Non-Fiction – Other stuff I’m interested in, cooking, gardening, rock climbing etc – I’m really not sure how much interest there would be in this section, so it will probably be one the last bits I start to develop – please let me know if you are interested though, i’ll quite happily start building this page if there’s interest.