Episode Two in my Through Glass Darkly series published today.

Episode Two in my Through Glass Darkly series published today.

Episode Two in my steampunk-ish / retro sci-fi series was published today on Amazon, and Episode One has been discounted to $0.99 for anyone who hasn’t already read it.

Here’s the blurb for anyone interested in having a read:

‘On the brink of destruction . . .
A once elegant airship of unknown design appears in the storm riven night sky above New York.

But this is not the city or the world that it left, and these are not the people that dispatched their best and bravest on a desperate mission to stop an enemy of unimaginable strength and ferocity.

How can the crew get back to their own world in time, when the mighty airship that has been their home now lies in ruins, and when the enemy that has nearly destroyed their own world appears to have followed them to the city that has taken them in?’

‘A monster with a perfect disguise . . .
Stalks the city streets, preying upon the weak and vulnerable, defiling even those already dead. A savage predator in a world which cannot even see what is attacking it.

Can the people of this city trust the strangers who brought the creature to their world enough to accept their help . . . before it’s too late? Or will the creature’s confidence and power be allowed to grow.

In the crucible of despair strange alliances are being forged to find and kill the monster preying upon the city. Alliances that may also help resurrect the ruined airship that hangs almost lifeless above the city streets.’