Africa keeps its secrets well,  and its ancient secrets best of all.

The Flames of Time

Published Date: 9th June 2021

Available In eBook, Paperback and Large Print formats


The eBook of this title is currently on offer, and available to download from all major retailers for just $0.99.

5x8 inches


The first book in the trilogy of high action and adventure archaeological thrillers.

Set in the mid 1930’s the story opens in Africa…

Additional Information

This is the first full length book which I ever wrote, and while I’ve revisited it a couple of times to tidy up the writing, its still a story which I’m incredibly pleased with and proud of.

This trilogy was and still is a passion project, written by me and for me, because I love this slightly antique style of storytelling and high adventure tale which was so popular during the Victorian era and then again during the pulp fiction era of the 1950s 60’s and 70s, from publication like Astounding magazine.


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