The Ghosts of Winter

Published Date: 20th February 2019

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5x8 inches


The Fever can strike anyone at any time, even death is no guarantee of escaping it!

Gazed upon from the valleys between, the high mountains may seem beautiful and serene places. The domain of wild things and people with a little more wilderness in their blood.


But the mountains are also mysterious places, that hide secrets long lost to the inhabitants of the lowlands.


When a photograph of a remote high mountain valley comes into the hands of young novelist, it ignites a fascination that grows into a need for him to find and visit the place pictured.


Only accessible in the winter, and rumoured to be a place never touched by the warmth of summer, this remote valley seems to hold traces of antiquity and dreams of what once were.


Like all good ghost stories, The Ghosts of Winter is a haunting tale of supernatural and ageless mystery, which can almost but not quite be rationalised, that will leave many readers pondering the implications and wanting more.

Additional Information

The idea for this short novel came to me in the form of a challenge…

I have, for a number of years, been a keen skier, snowboarder and lover of the high mountains, and on while on holiday with friends a few years ago, the conversation turned to whether I could invent a story that celebrated skiing and snowboarding in the mountains.

Perhaps it could be a ghost story…

And perhaps I could publish it the following Halloween, to help get us all back in the mood for the following winter’s skiing and snowboarding.

Well, with my other writing it took two years rather than one, but this is now one of my favourite stories, and I’m even toying with the idea of writing the back-story of the hidden valley, and the people which my young novelist discovers once lived there.


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