Contact Me

Contact Me

General Note:

I like to hear from anyone visiting my website, even if its only to say hello, but I’m also happy to answer specific questions about the stories I write, where I’m at with current work, my inspirations, the craft of writing and the work involved in getting a book across the line.

I’m also happy to answer general queries, and accept suggestions for books to add to my review list.

General contact and queries aside, I’m currently looking for reviewers and beta readers, for whom I will of course provide free pre-release copies of my books, in exchange for either a promise of an impartial review, or some typo and general error spotting.

Finally, if there’s something else you’d like to contact me about, do feel free, I try to respond to everything, even if its not something I can help with.

The best address to contact me on is ‘info at knytewrytng dot com

All the best
Peter Knyte