• On the writing road again!

    On the writing road again!

    With five published novels under my belt within three story-lines, I no longer feel like the complete novice writer I once was, though i’m still struggling to figure out what the best writing routine is for me. The difference is, that to begin with I was also trying to figure out things like: – How I wanted to format my print books – there is no one style. Read more…

  • The Ghosts of Winter

    The Ghosts of Winter

    What better way to start the new year than with a free Ghost story? Well, if you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or just the idea of visiting the mountains in winter, then my Ghosts of Winter story may well be for you. Here’s the blurb: The Fever can strike anyone at any time, even death is no guarantee of escaping it! Gazed upon from the valleys between, the high mountains may seem beautiful and serene places. The domain of wild things and of hunters, or wanderers with a little more wilderness in their blood. Read more…

  • Beyond the Pyrene by John Williamson – A Review

    Beyond the Pyrene by John Williamson – A Review

    A wonderfully bitter-sweet and poignant tale, Beyond the Pyrene is the second and concluding part of the Chronicles of Talakhonsu. [amazon-element asin=”B01N1FV8LU” fields=”lg-image,large-image-link”] Beginning directly where the first book Beyond the Black Earth leaves off, Beyond the Pyrene see’s Talak the former Egyptian slave boy now grown into manhood as he sails the Great Middle Sea aboard a Greek trading vessel as it plies its way between the different Mediterranean islands taking abundance from one to sell as a luxury on another. Read more…

  • For the love of words

    For the love of words

    Come inside and meet the prologue. It is dark inside the prologue. Dark and cool and welcoming. Whatever is to come, the prologue welcomes you absolutely, accepts you unconditionally, receives you graciously, providing all that is necessary to endure the rest. The prologue is patient. She has been told often that she is wholly unnecessary, a growth upon the story that the wise doctor must cut off. Read more…

  • Stepping between long shadows

    Stepping between long shadows

    It’s a terrible thing to admit to as a writer, but every now and again I need to be reminded to take note of the world around me. Taking the time to observe, but just as importantly and infinitely more difficult trying to maintain a frame of mind in which I also ‘notice’. Read more…