• Live my creation! Live!

    Live my creation! Live!

    Well almost. I’m not quite at the stage of raising the lightening rod into the heavens in order to keep the electricity bill down, but I am starting to look at the weather forecast for the next few days to see if a convenient storm might be coming my way. My creation fortunately does not rely upon raiding the local mortuaries, or having a good cross-stitch, instead it all comes down to my writing, re-writing and editing of my next novel ‘Through Glass Darkly’, the first episode of which will be published around April of next year. Read more…

  • And . . . . . Restart . . . again!

    And . . . . . Restart . . . again!

    Well, while I’m now in the middle of the much needed long August bank holiday weekend, the lead up to the weekend has been a very frustrating if educational few days that has seen me trying out different blogging platforms before finally, (hopefully) settling on this site. Read more…