My Books

My Books

Pretty self explanatory. Here’s an overview of my published and soon to be published writing:

The Flames of Time series

This was my initial passion project. If you’d like to know what kind of books l like to read, then this series will give you a good idea.

A series of three Mystical Adventure books set in the 1930s, the story follows a group of friends after they get drawn into a strange shamanic ceremony.

One thing leads to another and the friends soon find themselves in quest for a lost temple, and then a more complex and impossibly more ancient secret, the secret of life everlasting, physical immortality, and all the implications which that could have.

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All three books in this series are now published as individual titles in eBook, trade paperback and large print formats.

I am planning to create audiobooks of these titles, but I think I’m probably going to re-title and re-cover them first.

The Glass Darkly series

Also set in the 1930s, this is my Dieselpunk sci-fi series.

If you’re not yet familiar with Steampunk or Dieselpunk, then you’re in for a treat. These are two relatively new genres of fantasy/sci-fi, based on the premise that at some point in our history ‘something’ happened to steer the world down a different road, causing strange new technologies to be developed, and world history as we know it to be altered… but possibly not changed completely.

In my stories, strange, alien creatures from another dimension start to invade the earth, causing airships to be developed into highly effective high altitude armored research vehicles that are used to hold back the encroaching invasion.

Realizing that these ships cannot hold the creatures back indefinitely, the decision is made to build a new, more powerful ship, which will travel into the dimension that the creatures come from to find out more about them, and why they invading.

Naturally, things go wrong, and its not long before the crew of the Kubla Khan find themselves lost, with no idea how to get home.

The first two books of this series are currently published in eBook, and trade-paperback format, with the third book in the series going on sale as a pre-order this summer, for release in the Autumn.

The titles in this series are:

  • Through Glass Darkly
  • By a Blue and Crimson Light
  • A Shadow on the Sky

A new edition of book one in this series, complete with new cover art will also be released in time for the launch of book three.

The Ghosts of Winter

This is a short story that got away from me and developed a life of its own, which will probably result in an entire new trilogy of books… when I get the time.

The story follows a young novelist who goes in search of a lost valley hidden somewhere in the French alps, a valley he has only ever seen a photograph, but which is rumored to be the home of the goddess of winter herself, a place which is never touched by the warmth of summer.

A ghost story which is not a horror story.

… the fever takes many different forms, so there’s no knowing what will set it off in someone, or even if anything will at all… But if you try to deny its attraction then it will just get stronger, until you can think of nothing else.