Authoring resources

Authoring resources

Most of these resources focus on the current thinking around author promotion, indie publishing, and some of the seismic changes currently taking place in the book publishing sector. I will also be recommending a number of book titles focused on helping authors to improve their writing on my Book Review pages.

Creative Penn –
One of the most consistently useful websites and podcasts, The Creative Penn is created and produced by Joanna Penn, one the UK’s leading Indi Authors.

Joanna Penn is also one of the founding members of the Alliance of Independent Authors along with co-founder and co-presenter Orna Ross. ALLI also have a video blog, which like the Creative Penn is often very informative about new developments in the sector as well as changes in best practice ALLI on YouTube

Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast –
Another really useful video podcast. This time featuring three indie authors based in the US, all well established in their writing careers.
Unlike the others, the the SF&F is more narrowly focused on the marketing and promoting of indie books, and in particular on books written within the science fiction and fantasy sub-genre’s.
This podcast regularly features guest interviewees, Question and answer sessions and general news about the sector – Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast on Youtube

Neilsen –
At the other end of the scale, there’s Neilsen. For anyone not already aware Neilsen Books are one of the main providers of book data in the world, and also happen to be the ISBN agency for the UK (i.e. the folks you can buy ISBNs off if you’re interested in forming your own publishing house.)
Now while the content on Neilsen is focused on the established industry, if you’re prepared to wade through the site there are some gems inc this white paper on the link between metadata and book sales (by metadata they mean things like a good cover, author bio, the book blurb on the back cover etc)

The Self-Publishing Show
Recently retitled from The Self Publishing Forum. This is another very valuable podcast and website, provided by international best seller Mar Dawson.