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  • Oceans of books

    Oceans of books

    The world is swimming in books, huge shoals of good quality fiction, thrilling mystery stories, exciting tales of adventure, wondrous sagas of other worlds and other times and places and people that are similar to or outrageously different from what we know, but can I find something that I fancy reading right now, can I bobbins! At the risk of stretching this metaphor a little bit further than is wise, I know I probably need find some new places to go fishing, and to rely a bit less blatantly on the Amazon or Goodreads reviews that routinely find their way… Read more…

  • Just a bit weary

    Just a bit weary

    Just coming to the end of a week’s snowboarding holiday in the lovely French alpine resort of Montechavin which makes between the Les Arcs and La Plagne ski areas, and my goodness what wonderful snow we’ve had here. The only drawback is that I’ve snowboarded my legs off, so much so, that early nights and deep sleeps have very much been the order of things, along with the fine Savoyard cuisine, and one out two glasses of the local Genepi. Read more…