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  • Disaster Strikes

    Disaster Strikes

    Well here I am at the dining table of a lovely old victorian house in the centre of Whitby for the October Goth Weekend, effortlessly utilising my new mobile writing setup that comprises my Kindle Fire and a fabulous little compact bluetooth keyboard. Read more…

  • The little things

    The little things

    Its often said that its the small things in life that can give you the most pleasure, well recently i’ve decided to try and write 1000 words a day on my various writing projects. Not necessarily every day, but during the course of the week that’s what I aim to average. Now when i’m at home and in my normal routine, this isn’t too hard, i’ve been trying it over the past couple of weeks and as a consequence have made some great progress on my Glass Darkly storyline. Read more…

  • Live my creation! Live!

    Live my creation! Live!

    Well almost. I’m not quite at the stage of raising the lightening rod into the heavens in order to keep the electricity bill down, but I am starting to look at the weather forecast for the next few days to see if a convenient storm might be coming my way. My creation fortunately does not rely upon raiding the local mortuaries, or having a good cross-stitch, instead it all comes down to my writing, re-writing and editing of my next novel ‘Through Glass Darkly’, the first episode of which will be published around April of next year. Read more…

  • I saw the Whale and the Sun

    I saw the Whale and the Sun

    Not quite the Whole of the Moon, but it was in the evening and the moon was also out. I’m talking about the Leeds Light Night, which took place last Friday, and for those not aware, its an annual event which started in Leeds a few years ago as a celebration of local arts and culture. It’s grown a lot since then, and now attracts thousands of people into the city centre for a single evening each year, to see strange sights and experience odd, uplifting and enthralling events all free of charge. Read more…

  • Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

    Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

    Well it’s been a bit wet here over the past few days, with some seriously heavy downpours for what seems like hours on end for the majority of the week. Now I say this, despite unusually having managed to avoid the worst of the deluge while I’ve been out and about. Now being an Englishman I like few things more than complaining about the weather, but this is balanced in large measure by my equal enjoyment of bad weather when I’m tucked up indoors with no need to venture out into said bad weather. Read more…