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  • And . . . . . Restart . . . again!

    And . . . . . Restart . . . again!

    Well, while I’m now in the middle of the much needed long August bank holiday weekend, the lead up to the weekend has been a very frustrating if educational few days that has seen me trying out different blogging platforms before finally, (hopefully) settling on this site. Read more…

  • But the shadows are comfortable, warm and deep!

    But the shadows are comfortable, warm and deep!

    Well my first novel is only a few short weeks away from being released into the big bad world, so as the author its high time I stepped from the shadows at least into the gloom by setting up this site. In truth I don’t really have much of a clue about what kind of thing my readers might be interested in, so I’ll start by focusing on the book that’s about to released, and some of the inspirations and other projects I’ve got on the go. Read more…